Alcohol Rehab Centers

Not all  alcohol rehab centers are equal in their treament of Alcoholism.
The process to find help can be difficult and confusing.
We firmly understand the struggle to find help.
You are not alone. We can help ease the decision of treatment.


Alcohol Rehab Centers and You – How we Help

  1. Our dedicated team has put together an Alcohol Rehab Guide to help you find treatment.
  2. We have provided our toll free number where you can call our Counsellors.
  3. We have built a comprehensive Alcohol Rehab Directory of programs around the country.




What is Alcoholism

Alcoholism is recognized by the treatment community and is some times referd to as Alcohol Abuse Syndrom. Alcoholism affects 6 million Americans. When a person uses alcohol to the the point of harming themselves or others, the may be an alcoholic. There are several levels of Alcohol Abuse which we detail in our article: What is Alcoholism – a guide to recognize if someone needs help.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

When you start to wonder about the symptoms of alcoholism, chances are some form of intervention needs to happen. There are signs of alcohol abuse, then there are symptoms. We have listed both the symptoms of active use, as well as the withdrawl symtoms alcohics will suffer on out Symptoms of Alcoholism page. You should find the details needed to evaluate your use level there.

How to Help an Alcoholic

When dealing with an alcoholic, there is an important first step to their recovery. The person who is addicted to alcohol has to realize they have a problem. Due to different aspects of the disease of alcoholism, this is a difficult step. We created a guide to help you talk with an addict in the correct way to bring them to help. It boils down to a choice. They can choose to seek help or continue to live the lonely and deperate life of an alcoholic.

Alcohol Rehab Directory

Our Alcohol Rehab Directory is a resource built with you in mind. We have listed the best Alcohol Rehab Centers nationwide in our directory. You can search the directory by state, city and zip code.

All the programs listed are accredidated and reputable treatment programs. The accredidations are either CARF or Joint Commission.



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Alcohol Rehab Centers

Steps to Choosing An Alcohol Rehab Center

The road to recovery from alcohol abuse can be long and daunting if you try to figure it out alone. There are certain steps you can take which will make it easier.